Commercial Lighting Solutions

Committed to providing a full range of lighting products

Industrial Lighting

A full range of lighting products, like LED mining lamp, UFO mining lamp, LED spotlight, LED linear spotlight, LED ceiling light, are provided for all scenes, whether it is a factory or warehouse, for indoors or outdoors use. You can always find the best solution to your lighting requirement whether it is in a humid environment, in factories with an ultra-high ceiling, or at a seaside dock.

Commercial Lighting

A full range of solutions are provided for commercial complexes, supermarkets, office buildings, shopping malls, sales centers, and subways. All products for basic lighting, decorative lighting, and local lighting, are covered to provide users with the best lighting solutions. The lighting products for commercial use include LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED spotlights, LED bean pot lamp, LED light strips and more.

Government Lighting

High-efficiency, high-stability lamps for municipal and residential community construction projects are offered. These products include LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED wall washers, LED point lights, LED underground lights, LED underwater lights and other products, and can be applied to road lighting, architectural lighting, exterior decoration, etc. These excellent products have won high praise from customers.

Lighting More Solutions

    Household lighting products

    A full range of lighting products, including living room lights, ceiling lamps, panel lights, downlights, spotlights,*** are suitable for light requirements in various scenarios: villas, single rooms, high-end residence communities, staff dormitories, hotel rooms, and residential houses.

    Integrated circuit providing constant current

    Provide constant current for all types of small and medium power lamps, including LED downlight, LED panel light, LED light tube, LED corn light, LED ceiling lamp, and LED projector light.

    AC & DC charging station modular design

    AC/DC charging stations and power modules, including 750V/550V DC charging module, AC 220V charging module, AC to DC charging module on vehicle, etc. Multiple payment modes are available: pay in cash, pay by card, and scan QR code to pay.

    Intelligent lighting control system

    The Skyworth Smart Home Control System can control all the lighting products. With the APP, users can switch on/off lights using timing function and by remote controller, adjust the light effect, or choose the auto color mode, scenario mode, etc.